The ISH Exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 14~18, 2017, is the most important and most influential exhibition for health & sanitary ware, heat supply, and air conditioning industries around the world. SUNON was well-prepared for it this year. It rolled out a good number of eye-popping ultra-energy saving products. This exhibition featured energy saving and carbon reduction. SUNON’s booth adopted 2 nature colors, wood color and green color; green is also SUNON’s brand color. This suggested that we respect Nature.

During the period of exhibition, the SUNON booth drew large crowds. They were all interested in our new EC fans and green energy ventilation products.
The ultra-energy saving EC fan is applied to freezing and refrigeration equipment. It also offers an explosion-proof certification option. In the same area, a wide variety of high-efficiency, high-energy saving fans and motors for kitchen range hood EC blowers and HVAC EC motors were also on display.
In the commercial ventilation for households, SUNON also demonstrated the latest ultra-thin ceiling fan motor, different from the traditional bulky motor. The ultra-thin motor design makes the ceiling fan look fashionable overall. It is perfect for decoration in modern homes and commercial spaces.
Besides, the eye-catching green energy air exchange fan mesmerized all visitors at site for its fashionable and concise ID design, being super silent, large air flow. It overturned everyone’s perception about air exchange fans in the past.
As a world-renowned fan motor cooling leader, Taiwan-based SUNON has spared no effort to develop better, more energy-saving products.

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