2019 Earth Hour!

By May 28, 2020 February 7th, 2024 No Comments

“Saving Energy, Reducing Carbon Emissions, Protecting Environment, and Caring for the Earth” is SUNON’s goal in the protection of the Earth and the environment. We have begun to make plans for our R & D, quality assurance, production, procurement, and business and management departments and have encouraged everyone to take part in the plans, aiming to help the Earth to become increasingly healthier and greener every year.

Earth Hour 60+ is now the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action for our planet and nature. As usual, SUNON will join earth hour 60+ this year, so let’s switch off the lights and show our support for nature!

Save the date 30 March 2019, 8:30pm wherever you are.

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