【New Product Launch】 New generation EC 120×38 mm, a series of Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient axial fans

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SUNON continues to advance the development of production automation that further optimizes our production process, improving product quality and reliability.

Next generation fan series has been introduced applying these automated manufacturing process that can effectively manage the product quality and associated costs. The EC axial fan series is built with a brushless DC motor but can run on AC supply but with far greater efficiency. Being further enhanced with intelligent speed control, energy consumption can be further reduced, saving power up to 80% compared to the traditional AC fans, and a maximum power consumption of only 5.1W.

The range is available with IP21 and IP55 dust- and water-protection making it the ideal choice for a variety of applications and equipment operating in different environments such as commercial refrigeration and HVAC. Additionally, the EC 120x38mm fan has a built-in PWM function that promotes energy efficiency in the fields mentioned above. SUNON can customize the best thermal control and energy-efficient technologies to the fan design to meet our clients’ requirement for their systems.


  1. A maximum power consumption of only 5.1W
  2. Support for the rotation speed control function
  3. IP21 and IP55 dust- and water-protection design available

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