Impeller Blade Design Inspired by Nature

By August 19, 2022 February 7th, 2024 No Comments

TopGear Airflow Spoiling, high speed and low noise thermal solution

One of SUNON’s patents on our blade design inspired by nature is applied to our slim-shaped impeller fan series. The ultrathin fan series with an eagle-inspired design operates at the highest thermal effectiveness, increasing fan speed and spoiling airflow. SUNON adapted the structure and function of an eagle’s tail feathers in the impeller blade design, controlling airflow directions via the feather-inspired blade spoilers and diminishing eddy currents while the fan operates. The fan’s airflow is improved through this bionic blade design, and therefore the fan speed is increased and the noise due to eddy currents is reduced. For example, the speed of SUNON’s Ø 70 mm fan, adopting the bionic impeller blade design, is 30% greater at the same noise level compared to the non-bionic blade design fan, providing the highest level of thermal effectiveness for ultrathin laptop applications.

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