Having high indoor air quality is crucial to our health and well-being. We spend time staying at home more frequently and longer than we used to since the Covid-19 pandemic in the past two years, we are eager for outdoor fresh air, but we are worried about getting infected when being outdoors.

SUNON TUMA Flow2one Plus+ has a unique ventilation mechanism, constantly air exchanging between enclosed spaces and outdoor environments so that we can have purified air within our living spaces. Additionally, the TUMA Flow2one Plus+ is not just a conventional air purifier to boost indoor air quality, it increases sufficient indoor air oxygen content by sucking outdoor air and pushing poor indoor air outside to maintain clean air in the house. Having a heat exchange function is one of the product features, it can reduce the temperature difference from outside to the inside of the house, resulting in cutting the expense of the air conditioning system, and thereby, energy saving and comfortable living are achieved.

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award is one of the most influential rewards in the Asian area, and the purpose of the reward is to commend outstanding innovation in Huaren’s design and to be seen in the global market. There were 2,765 design work entered this year in 2022, after the nomination, 687 candidate work stood out and they came from all around the world, such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, the US, India, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, and Canada, and SUNON TUMA from Taiwan is one of the candidate work, granted Golden Pin Design Award.

The Flow2one Plus+ is an innovative product to provide clean indoor air, and its user-friendly and easy-to-use design, such as its control panel, the location of its thermal hole, and its indicators are assembled on the cover of the device to press. In addition, it is simple to change the filter located in the first layer of the device by taking off the cover when the indicator lights up. It is no doubt that the design of SUNON TUMA Flow2one Plus+ combines the concept of both aesthetic and essential minimalism that win the judges’ favorites and approval.

SUNON’s Home Ventilation & Purification fan product series is made based on our leading expertise in energy-saving DC motor technology and sound quality engineering, providing our clients with a variety of energy-efficient ventilation fan solutions with low noise levels for new-generation green buildings. The SUNON design team is engaged in the pursuit of craftsmanship and minimalist beauty in German design. Our ventilation and air purification fan products, rewarded for their energy-saving and innovative design, are optimum solution options for the interior design and architecture industries to further offer excellent indoor air quality in houses and buildings.

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