Congratulations! The SUNON Flow2 One and the EC Axial Fan

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ongratulations! The SUNON Flow2 One and the EC Axial Fan Are Awarded Taiwan Excellence Awards 2017!

The winners list of Taiwan Excellence Awards 2017 just came out yesterday. After 4 days of rigorous assessment, the winners list is finally out. SUNON feels honorable to be awarded Taiwan excellence awards 2017 for its latest energy-saving Flow2 One and EC Axial Fan this year.

The EC Axial Fan was specifically built for commercial cooling equipment. It is also one of the few EU ATEX-certified EC fans in the industry. It can be applied to all sorts of cooling equipment with environmentally friendly refrigerant. The SUNON EC Axial Fan consumes 80% less power than general AC fans. Besides, it offers high-level dust-proof and water-proof IP55 and IP68 design to ensure safety in all kinds of environment. In addition, the EC fan is more silent than the traditional fan. Based on SUNON’s silent fan design, sound pressure is more evenly distributed, which helps the sound generated during running of the fan more harmonious. This product is expected to make the cooling equipment industry safer and more energy-saving.

Faced with air pollution, in particular the smog season, outdoor PM2.5 seriously threatens our breathing health. The SUNON Flow2 One can purify outdoor PM2.5 suspended particles by bringing regulated fresh air into your house from outdoors to increase oxygen content in a closed space. At the same time, it exhausts poor indoor air to the outside so that your house can make air exchange without opening the doors and windows. Thus, your home can always keep good fresh air. With an ultra energy-saving design of 1.9W, operable around the clock, operating for 22 days merely consumes 1 kilowatt hour. It is very suitable for exchange design for use all day.

With the advancement of the times, low-carbon “energy saving” design has become a basic element for SUNON’s development products. We never stop refining our products and insist on offering a wonderful product experience to our clients.

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