SUNON 40x40x20mm fan – Optimal Ventilator Solution in Response to Medical Device Shortage in Combating COVID19

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Since early January this year, COVID-19 (novel coronavirus pneumonia) has wreaked havoc around the world. Even though it is already July, many countries are still unable to control the continuous spread of the pandemic and more than 10 million people around the world have been infected. As a result, many countries have experienced a huge surge in patients, leading to a serious shortage of medical staff and resources. There is a significant difference between the number of ventilators available and the number of patients who need medical attention. The American Heart Association (AHA) estimates that the United States requires approx. 960,000 ventilators to treat patients infected with COVID-19. Considering the severity of the situation, President Donald Trump has ordered large medical manufacturers to fully invest in the production of ventilators and other medical consumables that are currently in great shortage.

Why do ventilators play such an important role in this pandemic? COVID-19 mainly attacks the human respiratory system, causing patients to suffer from respiratory failure. When the patient’s lungs fail and cannot result in proper gas exchange, a ventilator will be required to maintain normal breathing. Ventilator treatment is to assist the patients in breathing and recovering from respiratory failure, as well as to support the recovery of the lungs until patients can breathe normally.

Medtronic, a world-renowned medical manufacturer, not only shared its ventilator specifications with Tesla, but also publicized the design specifications and technical documents of its Puritan Bennett™560 (PB 560) ventilator on March 30th. By disclosing the details to the ventilator’s design, Medtronic hopes that industrial manufacturers can evaluate the possibility of producing their own ventilators, so as to accelerate production and help the world fight against COVID-19. The PB560 ventilator adopts SUNON’s Maglev 40x40mm fan with maglev motor to assist the its centrifuge and power source to effectively dissipate heat, ensuring long-term stability and reliability. Moreover, the silencing design and excellent sound quality of this fans series makes it ideal for patients who need rest and sleep.

In face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of medical resources and ventilators are needed to treat infected patients. In addition to providing cooling fans for ventilators, SUNON also offers professional cooling solutions for international manufacturers that produce COVID-19 testing apparatus and other medical devices (such as oxygen machines, ultrasound and physiological monitoring systems). SUNON is dedicated to provide products with the best quality in meeting the increasing market demand as well as helping others overcome the current pandemic crisis.

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